Virtual Demand Writers

What is a Demand Writer VA?

  • A dedicated, virtual assistant that works exclusively for your law firm, specialized and trained in writing demand letters.
  • In addition to your own templates, our demand writers will be provided with a full template bank needed for all types of demand letters used in personal injury, employment, workers compensation cases, and more practice areas.
  • Letters will be fillable forms with short turnaround times to help streamline the demand writing process and bring you to settlement significantly faster.
  • VAs will verify that all required documents, such as medical records, have been collected with the correct information to save you the hassle of spending time doing so.

Virtual Demand Writer Benefits:

Easy to Hire and Manage

Fixed Cost

No Office Equipment Required

No Insurance or Taxes

No Employment Benefits

Training and Technical Support Included

Demand Writing Workflow

Demand Writer

How Much Does a Virtual Demand Writer Cost?