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Meet Tally Sumekh

Tally Sumekh

Marketing Director
at Legal Soft Solution

Tally Sumekh is a marketing professional and entrepreneur. She currently serves as the Director of Marketing and Media at Legal Soft Solution where the company supports the operations and growth at over 300 law firms.

Prior, Tally owned and operated a healthy fast food restaurant for 7 years in the competitive Los Angeles market. From creating the concept to building a successful digital presence, she developed her marketing skills as an invested owner.

In 2020 with the pandemic, she sold her restaurant and entered the legal field, supporting a law firm in Southern California by managing the intake team, lead management system and marketing of the firm. This included billboards, website, print marketing, event coordination, and social media management. As the firm’s public profile grew, Tally expanded her social media services to new firms and now she and her team proudly represent the profiles of 50+ personalized firms nation wide.