Client Survey Services

Your existing and past clients can be one of the greatest untapped resources to market your firm and acquire new clients. Through word of mouth, your clients are a powerful tool you can and should utilize to better your practice.
Survey Services
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What Is Survey Service?

We send client surveys to your clients at every stage of involvement with your law firm. This means we send surveys to your client:
Why do we do this? We send these surveys out during each of the stages mentioned above so that you can assess how your clients feel about your practice and your services at every step of the way.

What Do You Do With Information Provided in Surveys?

Client surveys are a powerful tool that offer insight into the client experience of your services and your law firm that you wouldn’t otherwise get.

Different Survey Types:

Settlement Survey
Fact: 88% of satisfied clients will leave a review if just asked
Intake Survey
Fact: 80% of case managers don't fully explain the case process.
Treatment Survey
Fact: 77% of clients want update on their case but don't request one.