There’s no denying that the “app” is all-pervasive in today’s environment. Mobile applications have fundamentally transformed how we get things done, from the complex to the simple, from the award-winning to the indie. Nobody has survived the app’s introduction unscathed. The 21st-century is the age of convenience, and software plays a vital role in improving efficiency with comfort in every field. Every day, a new list of top apps replaces the old one on the internet. The legal industry is also one of the domains getting the benefits of the apps.

Lawyers don’t like to spend hours and hours in the office flipping files and doing data entry. They need to be super fast & professional to fulfill various legal tasks quickly. Hence lawyers need to be very effective. Smartphone apps can be a handy tool to digitalize operations. But any business app won’t work for lawyers. Lawyers need apps that are tailored, keeping the needs of the legal industry in mind. We will list out some best legal apps for the law industry to digitalize and quicken the day-to-day legal tasks.

There are numerous ways in which the appropriate apps can benefit your law practice, whether you opt for a lawyer-specific app that aids in legal research or select a cloud accounting solution.

Getting more organized, improving your workflow, and communicating more effectively online is possible with them. In addition to tracking income and expenses, some apps offer time and project management functionality as well.

LegalSoftSolution has compiled a list of the best law firm mobile apps to automate legal operations at no or minimal cost. Below is the quick rundown of the apps;

#1. FastCase

It’s an app that gives you seamless access to the American Law Library. You will be able to search for statutes and terms using keywords in this app. Furthermore, you can navigate through the collection of legislation to find a particular statute. When lawyers are studying for a certain case, it helps them because they may also refer to other cases.

#2. NotaryCam

NotaryCam, an online notary service, is used by lawyers and other professionals worldwide.

Legal professionals can use NotaryCam to have essential documents notarized by a network of qualified notaries in every state. With the convenient mobile app, attorneys can notarize legal documents wherever they are, anytime they like.

For security and fraud prevention, certified notaries digitize the documents that need to be notarized. Using the app’s built-in webcam, the notary can authenticate a customer’s identity before signing documents electronically.

#3. Evernote

Evernote is a cloud-based app that allows lawyers to take notes, organize them, list tasks, and archive them.

Legal professionals and lawyers would find Evernote a helpful app, even though it is not explicitly designed for the legal industry. Among the top five general business apps surveyed by the American Bar Association, Evernote ranked one of the most popular available apps for lawyers.

Lawyers use Cloud-based legal tools for multiple purposes as per their individual needs. Evernote lets lawyers take meeting minutes, organize to-do lists, and maintain email archives on the go. Lawyers can also use the software to create presentations, organize legal research documents, or keep commercial contacts.

Evernote is not a one-size-fits-all tool like other available apps in the market. Attorneys prefer Evernote since it is customizable to meet their specific needs.

#4. Buffer

It lets business owners and organizations take better control of their social media presence through a comprehensive social media management platform. The digital age means that all businesses, including legal professionals, actively manage their social media presence.

Legal firms and lawyers can efficiently manage all of their social media profiles, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, by scheduling social media posts, tracking brand mentions, and staying up to date on the latest legal industry trends. Buffer can be accessed from its website as well as from the companion mobile app.

#5. Picture It Settled Lite

Lawyers can use this tool to assist them in assessing and resolving disputes using statistics and probability sciences. The features include:

#6. LawStream

This brand is regarded as one of the leading pioneers in the legal software industry, representing the needs of legal professionals in terms of application technology. It’s Law practice management software that includes practically everything you’d expect from a full-fledged management solution, with the exception of time monitoring. The platform consists of billing, accounting, customer relationship management, legal management, invoicing, and much more. It is a fantastic integrating solution that is highly suggested for use in law firms since it will allow attorneys to achieve new management and productivity levels.

#7. WorkShare

Do you find sharing and comparing documents troubling and disturbing as a lawyer? Try Workshare. Legal professionals consider it one of the most useful apps for smartphones. This software will allow lawyers to compare and collaborate on all documents on their mobile devices. The software has the advantage of synchronizing all changes to the document across all related papers. This approach allows lawyers to work more efficiently and shortens the review period.

#8. Legal Dictionary

Legal dictionaries simplify reading and understanding the law, making them one of the most valuable legal applications for lawyers. This attorneys’ diary online tool lets you search by typing in a specific word in the search field, and it will generate relevant results. You can also save information to be used later with this app. You can also access The Law’s website through it.

It has the following features that make it a top app among lawyers.

#9. Feedly

Your feeds can be managed and captured more easily with Feedly. The keywords, trends, themes, and more you use to rank your content are based on AI and Leo’s research assistant. Once that is done, Leo will pull content based on your priorities from your feeds. This content will be labeled as green. 

Green signifies why the articles appear in the order they do. As a machine learning platform and neuro-linguistic programming tool, Leo is capable of learning from your input, so you can train him to clean your feeds better.

Providing Leo with the necessary feedback requires only a few clicks, so simply agree or disagree with his recommendations. Let Feedly deal with the rest.

#10. SignMyPad

This amazing app from our list of the best apps for lawyers is a perfect example of how we live in the digital age. How many times have you signed a document using a pen and paper?

Sometimes paperwork had to be faxed. Overall, though, it was a long and tedious process. Despite the advancements in signature technology, it continues to take a long time to print, scan, and resend documents.

Finally, technology has come full circle with SignMyPad. All you have to do is place your mobile device’s screen on the document. That’s it.

#11. Evident

Attorneys may create an account in five minutes, start communicating with new clients online, and promote their firm’s brand. Our technology eliminates the need for attorneys to compete for new clients, allowing them to focus on what they do best: providing excellent legal advice.

Evident make legal services more accessible to people who require them. Consumers may get legal counsel online, employ lawyers, and learn everything they need to know about legal matters. Consumers simply need to register an account and complete a few easy questions to characterize their legal needs. Then, within 24 to 48 hours, evidence will connect them with the best lawyers for the job.

We have one objective at evident: to get people the legal help they need. To accomplish so, we’re revamping the client onboarding process and ensuring that it’s built on solid foundations that are appropriate for the digital age.

Bonus App


No one can deny that travel plays an essential role in the legal profession. Travel is easily managed, including flights, vehicles, hotels, railroads, and more. On the other hand, it could be rather cumbersome to keep track of a busy lawyer’s travel arrangements. A practical solution is Triple. By using this software, you can organize your itinerary efficiently. The app allows you to share your schedule partly or fully with colleagues using its travel itinerary. It can even sync to Google, Outlook, or Apple calendars.


In recent years, law firms have made significant progress. Apparently, today’s world revolves around apps. Though it may appear daunting, this is actually a rich mine of opportunities. The practice of law has become very comfortable with technology—often to the benefit of both attorneys and clients—from having a social media presence to employing cloud communications technologies to give a better client experience.

There are several platforms available to legal professionals across the globe that allow them to do anything they need at the click of a button. Start with the top apps mentioned above & maximize your firm’s efficiency like never before. 

Apps like the ones mentioned above, when used intelligently, may help businesses operate more efficiently and stay more connected to their customers, all without having to sit at a desk all day!


#1. Is there any app where to get more clients for law firms?

If you are looking for a client for your law firm? Thumbtack can assist you. It’s also an excellent marketing tool for expanding your client base. This app offers free Sign up and just play until you want to contact potential clients.

#2. Any app useful in time tracking for legal operation?

Legal professionals need to deal with a lot of tasks simultaneously along with managing clients’ expectations. This demands time management to perform every task smoothly. TMetric helps lawyers to precisely estimate and calculate work hours. Along with time tracking, this app also helps with budgeting, creating distance billing rates, generating reports, and rounding off time.

#3. An app that helps law students to learn new things about the legal industry?

Talks On Law is a free app for iOS users that does what it says on the tin. This app aims to provide legal professionals with engaging information that is both instructive and amusing. So, with a variety of useful tools, including topic, credit category, and date filters, as well as the speaker and tag searches, it’s possible to learn new things about the law while having fun. After all, lawyers require rest as well.

#4. Which is the best planner app for lawyers?

Lawyer Case Diary app helps in professional planning. This app is an excellent choice for paralegals, legal assistants to manage their case log in their palms.

This app helps in managing client information, contact information, and case files on a touch. Using this app helps to instant access clients’ data. Lawyers can also create new cases or edit existing cases, any document. Lawyers can edit the documents offline mode too. Lawyers can even get one-touch updates of hearings. The best feature of the app is getting notified of every event scheduled. 

#5. Any app that helps with lead/client management for small-scale legal firms?

Action Step is a fantastic app designed specifically for law firms of all sizes to provide various invoicing options and case management tools. Legal professionals and their teams can automate their work processes through this cloud-based application. Client databases can be handled easily using CRM features. Besides this, lawyers can also assign duties to staff, access documents, share documents, customize notes, and much more with a click without unnecessarily switching tabs. Lawyers will thus be able to automate the legal management process to the fullest.